Huntington Beach Veterinary Hospital

Dr.Sheppard | Doctor

Dr Sheppard has been an animal passionate for most of his life. He has been studying & practicing Veterinary Medicines ever since he enrolled in Colorado State University back in 1966. Dr. Shepherd graduated from CSU with D.V.M credentials. Dr. Sheppered interned at Rowley Memorial Animal Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he learned to handle clients & difficult medical cases. Tracing back to 1973, Dr. Sheppard’s dream came true when he opened his own animal hospital in California upon arrival from east coast to west coast. He practiced 28 years of Veterinary Medicines as the founder & ex-doctor at Mile Square Animal Hospital in Fountain Valley, California. Since 2003, Dr. Sheppard has been a helpful & mentor figure upon other doctors at Huntington Beach Veterinary Hospital.

“ Just remember that on the road to perfection you will find excellence. We strive to do the best we can for each and every patient, and as a perfectionist we are very hard on ourselves when we don’t achieve that pristine outcome. But come what may, my philosophy has always been to practice medicine better today than I did the day before.”



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