Huntington Beach Veterinary Hospital


"Deepest Thanks to All Of The Staff at Huntington Beach Vet, A day, A week, or a Month. Thanks for the extra time you gave US! "
Love, Mike, Karen, Vinny and Snoopdog
" Gale, Bridgette, & The Crew, Thank you for always being so good to Boogie. She looked forward to her visits! " Lets go see Gale & Bridgette!" and she’d get so excited. Just amazing how much she loved all of you. "
Kier and Boogie
" To Dear HB Vet Hospital Friends, Thank you so much for helping us with our pets, from Snowball, Spanky, Kitty to Boomer, and our future pets.... We really appreciate all your professionalism and love for all the animals! "
The Yu Family
" Thanks a Million, Thank you guys so much for taking such great care of Elvis the past few years!!! (Even though he can be grumpy) You are the Best! "
Keriann and Elvis King
" Dear Sr. Sheppard and Staff, Good friends are a special part of things most precious to the heart. Thank you for your loyal friendship and all the outstanding care you give to our babies. Warmest Regards. "
Lori & Rachel Hellinger
" Great place to take your loving pet. The staff here are so kind and friendly and very helpful. My friend had told us about this place and were glad they did."
Stephanie Ye
I was lost when I moved to HB 14 monthes ago. I asked around clients new fellowship friends Yelp. Hands down best vet HB!! Every time I have come to this office, the staff are very welcoming and friendly. More important, they love my fur baby girl! They are efficient, cost effective and focus on the emotional and physical well being. The kindness they approach the care they delivery with is clear everything they do. I wouldn't trust my bully girl health with anyone else! My sons recently adopted puppy they had wonderful experience. Thank you, all for what you do best.
Cindy J.from Yelp
I consider the team at Huntington Beach Veterinary Hospital to be a part of our family, I'm not kidding! I have 4 animals (3 dogs and 1 cat), they are all over 12 years old. I take at least one of my kids in on a monthly basis either for an issue or checkup. Dr. Ramzy Girgis saved my pugs life about a year and a half ago and my husband and I have been die hard fan's of this hospital ever since. Marlena and Gale at the front desk are amazing, they go above and beyond and are such a joy to chat with every time I am in. I think I have worked with all their vet techs - I can't remember everyone's names but Josh, Antonia, Marlo and Diane are great. And of course Dr. Ramzy and Dr. Sheppard are wonderful. They are straight to the point, no fluff, 100% real with you and the thing I most appreciate about them both is that they always recommend the most cost effective treatment. In fact, over this last weekend we think my cat may have had a stroke. He's totally normal, eating fine, just as affectionate as always but his balance is off big time, he is walking like he's drunk! Dr. Ramzy basically let me know it could be 1 of 2 things - either an inner ear issue or a neurological issue. ANY OTHER VET would recommend a MRI (which costs about 3 grand) but instead Dr. Ramzy suggested we should just treat my cat for the inner ear issue, if it doesn't fix the balance we can move to the next step of an MRI. Well its not even been 24 hours and the antibiotics they injected my cat with and the antibiotic/steroid/ear drop treatment they sent me home with has worked wonders. My cat is making great progress and his balance has improved big time. Its great to know that these guys have not only your pets best interest in mind but your's too! Thank you Huntington Beach Veterinary Hospital team - we love you!!! Big Love and Happy Holidays! The Mullaney's (Piglet, Churro, Harley and Ted the cat)
Samantha M. from Yelp
One of the best hospitals I've ever went to. I have English bulldog and he was suffering from ear infection, i went to 2 hospitals before and every time after few days his ears be the same as before but there they treated and for 2 month now my dog don't suffer from the infection. And other thing , alot of places told me to not neuter my dog for the hard breathing after the surgery but they neuter my dog with nothing to my dog and I didn't even visit to make sure that everything is good cos it's already everything is good for my baby. Really I hardly recommend this place for every single family have a dog
RemoRoma M. from Yelp
Noting worse than being 600 miles away from home on a Friday and your furry baby develops some sort of "bubble" in their eye. Frantic, we call our vet back home who recommends being seen by a local doctor. Looking up reviews (mixed as can be expected), I called and was not only greeted warmly, but felt listened to and after hearing of our situation they were able to squeeze us in between appointments. Facility was older, but clean. Staff friendly though I can see the small "edge" other have complained about. What mattered most was their patience with my baby and the explanation of findings and suggestions. It didn't end up being anything serious and no unnecessary treatments were recommended. Was incredibly pleased and thankful at the care provided. Thank you!
Nelson Z. from Yelp
We couldn't be happier with HB Vet Hosp! We started coming in Aug 2021 and we feel like we've found the best place for our dogs! The attentive care, communication and ability to get an appt is outstanding. Both Dr Gurgis' and staff are wonderful and we're so glad we made the change from our previous vet. Look no further... this place is the best!
Patty F. from Yelp
When I moved to CA from WI in 2015 I brought my Dog with me and was in search for a new vet. He's my baby and so it couldn't be just anywhere! We found HB Vet Hospital and it was an easy transition. Since then I have added 2 more pet to my family and everyone here has been awesome and taken great care of my animals! From reception at the front desk with all the ladies to all the techs and Doc, everyone is awesome!! If you are looking for somewhere to bring your fur babies look no further.
Jennie L. from Yelp
We had such a good first experience here. We were in need of a new vet, old vet was just way too expensive, and needed our dogs up to date on their shots so they can attend doggy daycare. The lady at the front desk was so nice and informative. She wanted to make sure we got everything we needed for doggy daycare to accept our dogs. We didn't have our vet records with us (I know, bad pet owners) but she was happy to call the vet to get it for us. We didn't have to wait around for very long either. We were able to go in the room and wait with the dogs until the vet took them for their shots. Our pups weren't even gone 5 minutes and returned to us happier than when they left. It's important to feel safe and comfortable with your vet, and we definitely do here. We we will be back!
Kristina R. from Yelp
The only vet I trust to take care of my pug. I have been going here for years and they are always so caring and never try to push unnecessary treatments. They have done surgeries on my dog and never had any problems. They really do love your pet and treat them so well.
Sarah B. from Yelp


Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED until further notice

All boardings, baths, and medication must be picked up Monday thru Saturday before 5:00 PM.



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